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Filter WrenchFilter WrenchThis Filter Wrench can be used with all our filtration systems to remove and tighten filter housings.

0982-115Regular Price: $5.92Online: $4.14
TDS MonitorTDS MonitorThis TDS Monitor can be used to test your water electronically and verify the effectiveness of the Reverse Osmosis System`s membrane.

0982-120Regular Price: $92.33Online: $64.63
UV Replacement BulbUV Replacement BulbThis UV Replacement Bulb is used with the Ultraviolet Filtration System. It is recommended that you change this bulb once per year.

0982-080Regular Price: $82.40Online: $57.68
UV Replacement ModuleUV Replacement ModuleThis UV Replacement Module is used with the Ultraviolet Filtration System. The module includes body, quartz sleeve, and bulb. It does not include the transformer.

0982-085Regular Price: $208.88Online: $146.21
Tank Ball Valve AdapterTank Ball Valve AdapterThis Tank Ball Adapter helps eliminates need to drain tank during normal filter changes. This easy to install valve attaches to the top of your water tank and includes the valve, plastic tee, and teflon tape. Note: tank should always be drained after membrane replacement.

0982-095Regular Price: $16.62Online: $11.63
Booster Pump KitBooster Pump KitThis Booster Pump Kit is designed as an accessory to be used with the Reverse Osmosis Systems in areas were water pressure is less than 40 PSI, this pump is quiet, easy to install, and can significantly increase water output. Includes pump, transformer, and tank shut-off switch.

0982-100Regular Price: $342.59Online: $239.81

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