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High Standards Produce Exceptional Water Quality

Basic, essential, indispensable. Clean water is all this and more. Water is fundamental to our bodies and to life on earth. As America’s premier provider of water filtration systems, Aquasana knows the value of having access to clean, safe water and offers products that protect families from contaminants that can threaten health with the turn of a tap.

Contaminants Threaten Water Quality
Harmful chemicals enter water supplies from a wide variety of sources. Agriculture and industry, landfills and underground storage containers, lawns and household waste – in fact, nearly anything that lands on the ground has the potential to impact water quality. The list of hazardous chemicals found in tap waters across the nation should cause concern for everyone. Consider drinking water with measurable levels of benzene, toluene, lead, asbestos, fertilizers and insecticides, and you have a snap shot of what some tap waters carry to homes across America.

Aquasana Demands High Standards
Aquasana has taken a lead in the water filter industry by designing systems that remove and reduce the most common and threatening of contaminants – including those known to contain carcinogens. Unlike some competitors, Aquasana demands more of its filtration products than simply meeting minimum standards set forth by independent testing agencies. Our test for lead is 10% more stringent than required and no other company exceeds the success of Aquasana water filters in removing this dangerous heavy metal from drinking water. We exert the same rigorous testing standards on other synthetic chemicals and ascribe to the philosophy of the National Cancer Institute that states, “No level of exposure to a chemical carcinogen should be considered insignificant for humans.”

Products for Healthy Homes and Families
This demand for quality is basic to all Aquasana water filter products. We are proud of the affordable and effective systems we offer families and the health benefits that accompany our products. The Aquasana Whole House Filer System is our premier product. Once installed, clean filtered water is delivered to every tap throughout your house – from drinking water to bathing and showering, cooking, brewing up a great pot of coffee and more – Aquasana’s Whole House Filtration System is a lifetime investment in a healthy household.

Our Countertop Filtration Systems perform similar duty for families wanting clean, safe water from the kitchen tap. For less than 10 cents a gallon, our suite of Countertop water filtering systems provides peace of mind about the quality of water available to your family for cooking, and consuming the recommended 7 to 8 glasses of water per day. And, if you want even greater protection, add Aquasana’s Shower Filtration System to your home. You’ll experience softer skin, healthier hair and breathe water vapor that’s nearly chemical free.

Aquasana’s Invitation
Spend some time getting to know these and other Aquasana products we offer on this Web site. You’ll find lots of interesting information about water quality in addition to discovering a variety of Aquasana Filtration Systems to suit any budget. We take water quality and your health very seriously. Everyone at Aquasana is proud to offer water filtration systems that exceed national standards and go beyond acceptable to exceptional!

Aquasana Water Filter Systems
For quality, value and confidence there is no better choice for home water filtration than an Aquasana Water Filter System. This U.S. company demands rigorous standards for water quality and even exceeds filtration regulations set by third party testing agencies. For seven years running Aquasana® Filtration Systems were voted a Consumer Digest Magazine “Best Buy.”

With Aquasana Countertop water filters and Under Counter filtration systems, your family has 24/7 access to 30 gallons per hour of safe, excellent tasting water. The dual-filter removes 99% of lead from tap water and reduces similar amounts of other contaminants that are potentially health threatening. It costs just 10 cents a day to equip your household with powerful and effective Aquasana protection.

Water quality also matters in your shower water. Chlorine and other chemicals are absorbed by the body when we shower and the potentially contaminated vapors enter our lungs. Aquasana® Shower Filtration Systems remove harsh chlorine, making your skin more supple and hair shiny and silky. The filter removes chemicals from water vapor and protects people with respiratory sensitivities.

Aquasana Filter Systems offer quality and value – a true and timely investment in your family’s health.

Aquasana Whole House Filter System
Aquasana Whole House Filter System

You can have confidence in the quality and performance of this powerful whole house water filter system from Aquasana that’s rated and certified by the Underwriters’ Laboratory. Count on the Rhino® high capacity filter to deliver 300,000 gallons of clean, nutritious water throughout your home for less than $20 per month.

Aquasana Drinking Water Filter Systems
Aquasana Drinking Water Filter Systems

The Aquasana Drinking Water Filter System takes only minutes to install and produces 30 gallons of clean water each hour. The effective filter works for six months before a replacement filter is required – meaning a simple twice a year replacement.

Aquasana Shower Filter Systems
Aquasana Shower Filter Systems

A two-stage filter on the Aquasana® Shower Filter System produces water that benefits your skin and hair while purifying the water vapor you breathe. This affordable system is a healthy addition to your household.

Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Packs
Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Packs

With a selection of Countertop and Under Counter Water Filtration Systems combined with Shower Filtration Systems you can be completely confident about water quality each time you turn on the tap.

Aquasana Replacement Filter Cartridges
Aquasana Replacement Filter Cartridges

Tap water contains high levels of chlorine – the chemical used to kill bacteria in municipal water systems. As any swimmer knows, chlorine quickly dries out hair and skin. What most people don’t know is that many public water systems contain even more chlorine than is typically used in a swimming pool!

Aquasana® Filter Accessories
Aquasana® Filter Accessories

Basic, essential, indispensible. Clean water is all this and more. Water is fundamental to our bodies and to life on earth. As America’s premier provider of water filtration systems, Aquasana knows the value of having access to clean, safe water at home and on the go!

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