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When you can enjoy certified clean filtered water for less than 10 cents a gallon, why would anyone spend a dollar or more on a bottle of water? That’s an even more important question when one realizes that bottled water manufacturers are not required to reveal their quality testing results or filtration methodology.

Aquasana Water Filtration Systems are justifiably proud of test results on their line of under counter water filtration systems. In many cases, the U.S. owned company performed filtration measurements under conditions that exceeded the requirements of certifying authorities and still came out ahead of competing filtration products.

The Aquasana Premium Under Counter Filtration System with Glossy White Faucet* delivers all this sophisticated and effective filtration action to your kitchen tap. The sleek system installs quickly and easily to kitchen faucets for 30 gallons of filtering action every hour of every day. That makes good, clean water readily available for drinking, cooking, making coffee and tea and generally protecting your family from contaminants that frequently appear in municipal water systems.

The Aquasana Premium System comes with an under counter installation kit in a variety of faucet color choices, a filter housing, the dual cartridge kit that filters 500 gallons before a replacement filter is needed (that’s about 6 months of filtering action) and everything you need to get Aquasana filtered water flowing to your family.

Because of the quality and great value of the Aquasana Water Filtration System, Consumers Digest Magazine called the system a “Best Buy” for seven years in a row. It’s also important to know that Aquasana’s quality is verified by third party authorities and bears the certification of the California Department of health Services.

Make the choice to protect your family with filtered water that you can trust each time you turn on the kitchen tap. The Aquasana Premium Under Counter System is affordable, proven and recommended.

*Includes AQ-4000 and AQ-4060GW with a Glossy White Faucet


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