Click to enlargeAquasana Basic Under Counter System: AQ-4500

The complete Aquasana Basic Under Counter System includes everything you need to supply your home with healthy drinking water.* The Aquasana system comes with the A and B cartridge plus the installation kit that requires only minutes to install using common tools.

Aquasana is made in the U.S.A. and certified by the California Dept. of Health Services in addition to being selected by Consumers’ Digest as a Best Buy for seven years in a row. This top rated home water filtration system costs less than competing filters, yet delivers more!

Carbon filter ion exchange and sub-micron filtration make Aquasana’s dual filter system extremely effective at reducing and removing many of the chemicals and contaminants that cause health concerns. For example, the byproducts of chlorine (commonly used to kill bacteria in municipal water systems) carry recognized risks. Aquasana filters out chlorine along with MTBE, parasites, and heavy metals such as lead – particularly dangerous to children. At the same time, the smart Aquasana filter retains trace minerals that are beneficial – letting only healthy and tasty water flow from the tap.

This simple yet powerful water filtration system installs quickly and easily under your kitchen sink. Common tools and the ability to follow four simple steps is all it takes to equip your kitchen with the Aquasana water filter and begin enjoying its many benefits. Use filtered water for drinking, cooking, making coffee or other beverages, for infant formula and other occasions when taste and water quality matter.

The twin filter cartridge will work effectively for six months before it’s time to install a replacement filter. There is no tap water filtration system that compares with Aquasana for quality and price. For about $8.00 a month your family can enjoy unlimited filtered water that delivers on the Aquasana promise to deliver quality results and customer satisfaction.

*Includes the AQ-4000 and AQ-4050


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