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Your family deserves the nation’s best drinking water filtration system. Aquasana’s Countertop Filtration system has the distinction of being a Consumer Digest Magazine Best Buy for seven consecutive years. This honor means that Aquasana offers both value as well as quality. In addition, Aquasana is certified by the California Department of Health Services – known for its tough standards and regulations. Aquasana has a reputation as one of America’s top filtration systems that costs less than competing brands.

What makes an Aquasana kitchen filter so important? The quality of water that flows straight from the tap is inconsistent across the U.S. The composition of water is affected by agricultural activities, industry, the history of an area and human activities. A few of the chemicals and contaminants that appear in tap water include benzene, toluene, MTBE, cysts, herbicides and even elements of rocket fuel. The powerful Aquasana® dual cartridge filter removes or reduces a host of chemicals like these and makes your water safe for your family’s consumption.

Quality drinking water has become a clear priority for people as evidenced by the enormous growth of the bottled water industry. Unfortunately, the production and disposal of plastic bottles has only added to our environmental concerns. And, the quality of bottled water is very inconsistent and sometimes is no more than untreated tap water!

The Aquasana filter takes only minutes to install and produces 30 gallons of clean water each hour. The effective filter works for six months before a replacement filter is required – meaning a simple twice a year replacement. The system employs carbon filtration, sub micron filtration and ion exchange technology to remove contaminants and stop particles from entering your drinking water. Your complete system includes the filter housing, a faucet diverter in chrome, the twin filter cartridge and easy to understand instructions.

Factoring in these costs, protecting your family’s health with an Aquasana Countertop Filtration System costs you less than 10 cents a gallon. This unlimited supply of safe, great tasting water is the best investment you can make in your family’s continued good health.


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